September 15, 2010

faux nanny

its been an interesting week so far to say the least.
i got an emergency phone call on monday afternoon from this new family in town.
they flew back to california for the week and left their 4 year old here with her nanny.

well, nanny had to go to the hospital.
they had no one else to call
their house is locked.
nanny is in hospital.
meagan has no toys. or snacks.

{for those who can't read kid...this says 'I love Meagan. I love Clancy"}

luckily the 4 year old has school each day but guess what, she's been crashin' at my place.
yes, three nights in a row.
don't get me wrong, i love toddlers.
i just love them more when they aren't totally off their schedule, have toys, and sleep in their own beds.
i barely have enough food in my fridge for me.
i made the mistake of taking her to the grocery store yesterday.
it was a mini nightmare and i made the decision in the frozen food section that i will not allow my future kids to go to the grocery store until they are atleast 10.

other than that, she's been pretty hilarious.
she wears her shoes on the wrong feet and i have only 2 sets of clothes for her so i tried to get creative this morning.
i was legitimately worried the other 4 year olds were going to make fun of her outfit, until i saw a little girl wearing orange and pink head to toe.

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Lynze said...

What is wrong with orange and pink?