September 9, 2010

new pants (costume) for the man

someone is turning 15 next month on halloween. that's right, 105 doggie years old.
in honor of his 15th bday, and his love for dressing up, i think clancy-pants deserves a new costume.
kind of like a sweet 16 dress but for a dog, a boy dog.
money isn't an issue here people, when was the last time your dog turned 15??
......any suggestions?


Christina said...

i'm thinking hard....

trust me, i'm giving chester's costume some serious thought because his bday is the 30th and we are planning on DOMINATING the washington square park dog parade this year. i'm fairrrly certain with a good costume,he'll win. lion? i was thinking maybe a baby with a i'm turning one today onzie.................the options are endless.

Anonymous said...

Remember the tie Boudy wore at our wedding? It was from bet they can make clancy a tux!!! I can't wait to see him in it!