October 19, 2010

bored in wyoming?

go shoot a gun.  because you can.
the cat's meow
mandatory clancy jvest
i'm not quite sure how i acquired my father's 20 gauge browning shotgun. 
i certainly didn't ask for it. 
i'm petrified of guns.  like panic attacks when i knew they were in the house, totally disassembled.
i've been secretly wanting to give target practice a chance ever since the gun was turned over to me.
i guess i thought....i live in wyoming.  i should shoot a gun.

wyoming gun laws:
permit to purchase shotguns?  nope.
registration of shotguns? no.
licensing of owners of shotguns? not necessary.
permit to carry shotguns? negative.
i don't know much about gun laws but those seem pretty firearm friendly.

well anyways, if you can't tell from the photos.  i had a BLAST.  besides the massive bruise on my arm from the kickbacks, it was awesome. 
cat was a natural and w. nailed every target on his first shot.  must be a southern boy.

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