October 5, 2010

one of the boys

i have a confession to make.
whenever i receive my monthly j.crew catalogs, i immediately search for the crewcuts pages.
and not in a creepy way or i-really-want-kids-soon way....i sometimes prefer their stylish little outfits
i would by no means consider myself a petite person or even small for that matter but i've come to find out that xxl in boys clothing will actually fit me. 
i know this because i tried on an identical patagonia down jacket last year and the boys coat fit better than the women's coat. 

ever since then, i've been eyeing those adorable vintage flannel crewcut boy shirts. 
i mean, for $40 a piece, why not?

{the sartorialist}
looks like i'm not the only one with the smart idea

boyfriend shirt? 
more like nephew shirt! 
i'll take one of each....in size 14 ofcourse

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