November 4, 2010

bucket list (#1)

so i've decided to start a bucket list.
i've had a mental one for a few years now and after turning 25, its time to put it down in writing.

a few things i've crossed off my bucket list so far:
-buy my own car
-backpack in costa rica
-move to a mountain town
-learn to blowglass

my first bucket list item:  Learn to Play the Banjo.
my dad bought me a gorgeous banjo a few years ago (he wanted to start a family band, ha!) and im awful. it doesn't help my ego when both of my musically talented brothers picked it up for the first time and played song after song after song.  {sigh}  i took lessons in college and didn't get very far, blaming my studies for getting in the way. no more excuses.  i'm gonna be a banjo playin' fool.

stay tuned for more bucket list additions

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