December 7, 2010

sweet dreams munckin

one week ago today i made the toughest decision of my life so far.
mr. clancy pants was very sick and i decided it was time for him to drift off into doggie heaven.
15 years of loyalty and devotion.
my first dog. my first love. my best friend.

i woke up last tuesday morning and drove halfway to work. it was the first time i left him home from the office. something told me to turn around and spend the morning with him.  the vet told me in late october that clancy had a tumor and had a few weeks max.  i knew the day was coming but it wasn't until last tuesday that i saw in his eyes that he was ready. more importantly, i realized that he was waiting for me to be ready. 

we laid together for hours and he starred at me and wagged his old tail. he was so calm and happy. it was a peaceful day. even at the vet he was relaxed which is saying something because he was always panting loudly.  (we didn't call him clancy-pants for nothing). the vet said he was suprised he had hung around for that long.  i know he waited for me to return from being with my dad in the hospital.  now that's true love.

Clancy The Legend.
I sure do miss him.


Emily said...

heartbreaking! truly are man's best friend. i just lost my cat (only 3 years old), so devastating. i feel your pain meag. hope you are hanging in there! xo!

Anonymous said...

Clancy was such an amazing dog! And those pictures of you guys are beautiful. Hope you are doing ok! Miss you!

Bri (Smith)