December 16, 2010

little guy

a mini lumberjack to brighten up your day.

December 14, 2010

December 13, 2010

Is it 2011 yet?

handsome man

2010, can't wait to say goodbye to you.
my roommate's sweet angel Red was tragically taken away from her last week.
if anyone saw the bastard who hit our sweet boy and DROVE off, please let me know.
i need to have some words with them (and most likely physical contact)
it's been a sad and quiet house with both of our boys gone but we know they are humping puppies, peeing on everything in sight, and eating all the chicken their hearts desire.
rest in peace sweet Mr. Red Man.  we miss you!

sorry for the depressing posts as of late.
when it rains, it pours fucking pours

December 7, 2010

sweet dreams munckin

one week ago today i made the toughest decision of my life so far.
mr. clancy pants was very sick and i decided it was time for him to drift off into doggie heaven.
15 years of loyalty and devotion.
my first dog. my first love. my best friend.

i woke up last tuesday morning and drove halfway to work. it was the first time i left him home from the office. something told me to turn around and spend the morning with him.  the vet told me in late october that clancy had a tumor and had a few weeks max.  i knew the day was coming but it wasn't until last tuesday that i saw in his eyes that he was ready. more importantly, i realized that he was waiting for me to be ready. 

we laid together for hours and he starred at me and wagged his old tail. he was so calm and happy. it was a peaceful day. even at the vet he was relaxed which is saying something because he was always panting loudly.  (we didn't call him clancy-pants for nothing). the vet said he was suprised he had hung around for that long.  i know he waited for me to return from being with my dad in the hospital.  now that's true love.

Clancy The Legend.
I sure do miss him.

December 4, 2010

winter necessities

a few things you just can't live without in jackson hole.
or any ski town for that matter.

1. Urban Outfitter's version of a snuggie.  Fugly AND warm.  Can't beat that.  $78.00
2. Beard Hat. Genius! From those crazy Scandinavians at Birkiland. $90.00
3. 80's Ski Apparel.  Always ski with style. Ebay it up.
4. Wine Rack. A huge must.  Never to be bottle-less.

December 3, 2010

november sucked.

never been a fan of november.  (sorry november babies!)
maybe its because everywhere i've lived, november weather has always been, blah.
november sucked.  it was scary, heartbreaking, and exhausting.
november 2010 takes the cake for being the worst november yet.

ok....enough woe is me-ing
what's the use in sulking? alas, december is here and many great things to look forward to!
first off, my best friend bea came for a "suprise" visit to jackson hole.

you have to understand, she told me she'd never fly here. NEVER. she's petrified of flying.
and she booked a flight when she heard clancy wasn't doing well.
now that's a true friend :)

second, my other best friend sarah is MOVING here.
and living with me!
as in, sharing a room with me
as in re-living the freshman glory year
hot blonde in the middle.
jackson's newest ski bum.

other reasons to be happy in december:
widespread panic nye
christmas without presents.  (hey, it takes the pressure off)
finally, after 2 years, taking off for the holidays.  friends and family time!