January 3, 2011

MUR-TA-GH, Murtagh Family!

{molly makes it magical}
{cousin tradition}
christmas eve has always been the murtagh's biggest celebration.
my aunt molly really outdid herself with this year's dinner menu of lobster tails, filets mignons, vino, cheesecake and endless champange.
the cousin gift exchange was hilarious and i walked away with a very western bomber hat.
it was great to see everyone but we sure did miss my parents who stayed back in florida while my dad let his heart rest.

every year we've taken the "Steps Picture" as seen above. 
as we got older and a every boy grew to over 6 feet tall, we now have to squeeze to fit us all in.
we still manage to push and shove for the best steps.
i love the murtagh clan~

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Molly Meyers said...

Dear Sweet Meagan,

Thanks for the sweet post on "The Egg". Christmas was so special and fun this year because Sean, Colin and you were with it. You guys are the ones who make it special and fun. It never feels complete without you guys. Thanks for all your spirit and enthusiasm.

Lots of love, Molly