February 1, 2011

My Heroes.

I have the most amazing parents. 
{family minus older brother sean who was living in asia}
Last year, after the earthquake hit Haiti, they both rushed down to help the survivors.  Originally, just my dad was planning on going but I woke up at 6am to find an email that read:

Hey Guys. Your Mother and I are both leaving tomorrow morning 5AM for a medical rescue mission to Haiti for 8 days. There is no cell phone service in Haiti so we won't be able to communicate. We both love you (all three of you) to pieces and we're going to miss you. Please pray for us as we pray for you. Love Dad

As you can imagine, I was totally freaking out.  Luckily they flew down with a news crew team from Naples and we were able to communicate (barely) via email every few days.  The news team filmed 3 segments on what was happening down in Les Cayes, Haiti.  My parents said they were bringing people in by the busloads to see them.  It was just my mom, my dad, and an orthopaedic surgeon.  Talk about insanity!

Here are 2 of the news clips on the devestation down there. My dad is in the golf hat and my mom is in the blue scrubs hat. {Beware:  Some gross graphic images.}

If you are an alien and don't read the news, Haiti still needs a tremendous amount of help.  My parents travelled down there with a group based out of Naples called Hope for Haiti.  If you are interested in learning more, helping out, or donating, click here.  My parents can vouch that all donations are put towards much needed food/supplies in Haiti. 

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Melissa said...

i love blogs. primarily i love them because i can read them at my desk at work and still appear to be fairly busy and important. i saw a link to yours on fb and from that moment i have been in.love! youre creativity and wit is fun to keep up on and i am jealous of your jackson hole life/courage to share with the world. send my love onto your family (my mom and i have been actively keeping your dad in our thoughts), im so sorry to hear about clancy..and let me know if you are ever in the chicago area!