August 25, 2011

Jackson Folk {meet, ciel}

introducing the newest gem of the egg..... Jackson Folk
highlighting the oh, so interesting and inspiring characters that make up our little mountain town.
and trust me, there are some SERIOUS characters in these woods.
i hope you enjoy.

who better to debut than this little man, ciel.
every day this summer i've passed ciel on my way to work.
you see, he hangs on the bike path in wilson with his rockin' lemonade stand.
selling treats and lemonade for the rest of us to enjoy.
a real business man in the making.
and super cute.

name: ciel
hometown: puerto rico
time spent in JHole:  1.5 years
interesting fact: just made the soccer team

hey dude, how old are you? : twelve.
where'd ya get the sweet lemonade cart? :  i made it with my dad.
how much money have you made this summer? : six hundred dollars.
whoa, thats a lot of money! : not if you take into account how much i have to pay off for the cart.
so next year you'll make more money once you get it paid off. : nah, i'm making more carts and hiring more kids.
a real business man in the making. is it okay that i interview you and take your photo for my blog? : sure, i was in the paper a few weeks ago.  there were a ton of photos of me.
soooo, you're famous. : kind of. what's the name of your blog?
the egg...don't ask. :  hey!  i like the name....the egg.  it's a good one.

{he recycles and donates too!}
{ya can't miss it}

only 2 more weekends left!  
stop by ciel's snack attack and grab something sweet.
ciel, you are the man.


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