November 16, 2011

give + away. {little okins}

i'm so excited to announce a give away from one of the coolest etsy stores around.
Little Okins is offering the egg readers a chance to win one free custom made Little Okin!!
these little guys bring a whole lot of happiness with personal messages, killer designs, and plenty of attitude.
super fun gifts, invitations, party favors, you name it.
pretty awesome, right?!

it's super easy to win.
visit the Little Okin etsy store and leave a comment below telling me which little one you fancy the most.
2 entries for telling me WHO you'd send it to and why.
3 entries for becoming a follower of The Egg Out West.
winner will be chosen at random next week.
did i mention custom?

my favorite is the ninja.
the moustache following in a close second.
like in a super-close-almost-changed-my-mind second.
which one will you pick?


Stephanie said...

Im officially a follower! Yippee! I would def get the cool mustache for my lil sister. She just had a baby - she would totally get a kick out of it!

Anonymous said...

These eggs are pretty awesome. I wonder if you're able to choose any design? I'd love to give a SF 49ers egg to my boyfriend...

Tara said...

Hi Anonymous... I can do a 49ers egg, send me a convo through Etsy and let's see what we can create for your boyfriend!

Lynze said...

Love the eggs, egg! I like the you are my happily every after. Makes me happy and could go to on the desk of my special someone. I also need want a custom one for my mom. Maybe something that reads "is this how I hatched?"

Sarah Niklas said...

These are so cute! I'd get the seahorses for my best friend Meagan Murtaaaghhhh. Now throw my name in that raffle 10 times so I win he he.

Jaclyn said...

I love these! I choose spoon me. I would give it to my husband because that's my favorite way to fall asleep and he kind of likes it to. I love your blog little egg! You are darling!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

ha, i just have to say that these eggs are seriously brilliant!! thanks for sharing girl!!
xo TJ

Josephine_TEA said...

I have been searching the right anniversary gift for my boyfriend the whole month. Luckily i came across and saw this awesome eggs! Another lucky is I found this giveaway! Most lucky is our anniversary is on Nov 30th which if I win this will be right in time for that! Please make me the most lucky person by choosing me<3

Which little one you fancy the most:
That has to be "Best Engagement Proposal Egg", I wish my boyfriend proposal me with a ring in it (is that possible to put the ring in?)! But for my boyfriend, I will choose to customize my own one, with pretty hand writing "H2Y (heart)". Just like one of the picture in "Cool Mustache Note" listing, the one with the letter "love" on the egg.

WHO you'd send it to and why: My boyfriend, because our 2yr anniversary is coming very very soon.

I am a follower of The Egg Out West!!

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!
xoxo Josephine

Hannah said...

i want i want i want i want :)

briannelee said...

I like the:

Make a Wish... Surprise Birthday Message Inside

briannelee said...

I would send it to my sister in law for her birthday because she would love it.

briannelee said...

I became a follower :)