December 29, 2011

Après Lounge.

I had no idea until after a few runs last weekend that Osteria has opened a new Après hot spot.
It's located just outside the restaurant in the lounge of Hotel Terra.
My friends and I kicked backed for some brews by the cozy fire.
We ordered right from the lounge and soon devoured the fried brussel sprouts with pomegranate, a couple orders of the delicious truffle fries, and the new tequila lime chicken drumsticks. 
Combine all of that with the perfect relaxation cocktail and I entered Après ski heaven.


Ariel said...

such stunning pictures!

Valeria said...

Thanks for your nice comment!!! I start following you, hope you'll follow me back!!! Happy new year!!! xoxo from Rome

Melissa Blake said...

That looks wonderful!

Clara Turbay said...

Happy new year, i wish you the best love this post!

Hollie Ann said...


cute blog :)

JustPatience said...

Great photography. That's a beautiful lounge.

Happy New Year!

elz said...

thanks for this post, really. it's only 11:31 here, we have no food in the apt, and now i am so hungry i could eat the burnt toast that my boyfriend threw on our balcony the other day.

ps love DISHING, just checked out the site.

LindsayNicole said...

Wow love these pictures!! Love this post!

PS Let me know if you want to do a button sponsor swap for the month of January!


life/style/flash. said...

This place looks amazing! Your photos are beautiful, I could eat those fries :)


skippysays said...

Oh my, everything looks so delicious, an the brussel sprouts sounds a-mazing!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Uh, yeah. Looks like a pretty amazing place to relax. I've just discovered you - and Jackson Hole is definitely on my list of places my husband is allowed to relocate me to. :)

The Suburb Experiment