May 30, 2011

wine fest.

friday was the annual jackson hole wine fest.
my friends and i like to pretend like we know what we are talking about when it comes to vino.
i do, however, know how to ask the vino-pourers to be more generous when it comes to my taste.

and like always, my bestie and i found a random prop to take photos with.
this time it was a private airplane parked in the parking lot.
anyone know who's ride that was?...........cus i think i scratched the wing with my boot.

{why did i not attempt to get IN the airplane?}

{probably a good thing we didn't}

May 23, 2011

like, whoa.

{old faithful, yellowstone park}

i snapped this photo last weekend from the balcony at the old faithful inn.
so ansel adams of me.
my little weekend getaway got me excited for another summer in the mountains.

May 19, 2011

the egg in the middle east.

ahhh Dubai. where do i begin?
honestly, i have no is a fantasy world.
i didn't know what to expect when i arrived except i knew that i shouldn't make out with anyone in public or i'd be sent to the slammer.

{Dubai Marina. Lynze's 'neighborhood'.......OIL MONEY.}
{view from lynze and john's apartment. they look out onto The Palm}
{ATVing in the desert.  i think i win the record for most times getting stuck in the sand}
{i asked kory to get my finger on the world's tallest building.  guess the building i'm pointing to is my new favorite building in the dubai sky line?.....nice work kory.}

for easter sunday we went to a palace for an all you can eat and drink brunch.
7 hours of amazing-ness.
rooms and rooms and rooms of every delightful cuisine you could think of.

{i found the pickles.}
{booze: only found in hotels and clubs}

stay tuned...

May 17, 2011

trio reunited.

it's totally unacceptable that i haven't seen my bestest pal, smellie, in 3 years.
poorly played on both our parts.
i guess that's what grad school and having no money will do to you.
the real world can be brutal, folks.
BUT, our trio will be reunited in a few weeks for 5 whole days of...well...stuff like you see below.
can. not. wait.

{boulder didn't know they had it coming.  mario cart through pearl street}
{mario won, as always}

May 15, 2011

meet the team.

the players:
- john aka Mr. Baller (the sign waiting for us from our sri lankan driver)
- lynze aka lynnie from the lanks
- kory aka tim yoder jr.
- kate aka most inappropriate person in the middle east
- moi aka....

stay tuned for some oversharing of our ridiculous adventures.  until then, all of the dubai laws we broke. have a look: 

May 6, 2011

momma bear

mother's day is sunday and i'm sad i won't be able to give my momma a big bear hug.
she is the greatest woman i know and has helped shape me into the woman i am today.
(if that's saying much...)

thanks for always being there for me and pushing me to be the best person i can be.
you are the greatest!

happy mother's day momma bear!
{bitchin' shirt babs!}
{babs on the left.  wasn't she adorable??}
{momma and her baby clancy.  their last photo together}
{most beautiful, smart, loving, inspiring woman i know}

May 1, 2011

hey, peeps.

i'm back.
with over 1000 photos to rummage through.
keep checking back for my faves from my whirlwind trip.
until then, a little something that sums up my baby brother

via one of colin's design friends