August 25, 2011

Jackson Folk {meet, ciel}

introducing the newest gem of the egg..... Jackson Folk
highlighting the oh, so interesting and inspiring characters that make up our little mountain town.
and trust me, there are some SERIOUS characters in these woods.
i hope you enjoy.

who better to debut than this little man, ciel.
every day this summer i've passed ciel on my way to work.
you see, he hangs on the bike path in wilson with his rockin' lemonade stand.
selling treats and lemonade for the rest of us to enjoy.
a real business man in the making.
and super cute.

name: ciel
hometown: puerto rico
time spent in JHole:  1.5 years
interesting fact: just made the soccer team

hey dude, how old are you? : twelve.
where'd ya get the sweet lemonade cart? :  i made it with my dad.
how much money have you made this summer? : six hundred dollars.
whoa, thats a lot of money! : not if you take into account how much i have to pay off for the cart.
so next year you'll make more money once you get it paid off. : nah, i'm making more carts and hiring more kids.
a real business man in the making. is it okay that i interview you and take your photo for my blog? : sure, i was in the paper a few weeks ago.  there were a ton of photos of me.
soooo, you're famous. : kind of. what's the name of your blog?
the egg...don't ask. :  hey!  i like the name....the egg.  it's a good one.

{he recycles and donates too!}
{ya can't miss it}

only 2 more weekends left!  
stop by ciel's snack attack and grab something sweet.
ciel, you are the man.

August 23, 2011

bear sighting.

friends + i went hiking.
we saw a bear.
no deaths.
amphitheater lake is rad.

{hitting the trail with friends}
{over looking bradley and taggart lakes}
{gorgeous! check off my jackson hole bucket list}

August 18, 2011

pretty good combo.

have you heard of this amazing concept?
pretty freakin' romantic. 
a few of my favorite 'glampsites':

{South Africa}
{Australian Outback}
{South America}
{Harry Potter Land}
fun if you don't really want to rough it.... like in places with creepy crawlers.
(not of fan of the 8 legged.)
i'd love to go with a group of friends after a long backpacking trip.
pure relaxation.
reminds me of our own little trip this spring, click here.

August 11, 2011

over the pass.

music on main is every thursday over in victor, id.
my friends and i checked it out a few weeks ago.
twas totally free.
the gyros.....delicious-ness
rachel was so hungry, she tried to eat my face.
outdoor music + summer evenings equals one of my favorite combos.
{throw friends and vino into the mix and i'm a happy egg.}

August 9, 2011

4,139 ft.

living here means constant visitors. 
i try to do something super fun/jackson-y for any guest but also try to do something with them that i enjoy too.
i only get one summer a year people! 
need to use my weekends wisely.
this past saturday i hiked with my boston pals UP to the top of the ski hill.
it's been on my jackson bucket list to hike rendezvous peak so i was pumped when they said they'd go.
7.2 miles up to the 10,450 ft.  
that's four thousand, one hundred, thirty nine vertical feet. 
so proud of my little sea-level friends!  

{wild flowers that we stopped to smell along the way}

{boo lead the way}
{marf taking it all in}

{slopes sans snow}
{this girl can't jump.  mandatory jump shot at the top}
it was so fun to see the ski slopes without all that snow.
pretty crazy to see what we ski on top of.
way to go bostonians on your first mountain!

August 4, 2011

today i feel like...

like my shoes? well you can't get em'...
unless you go to dubai!
my favorite part of traveling is finding awesome (and cheap) gems from around the world.
these aladdin flats were purchased for $8 in the textile souks of dubai.
handmade, baby.
perf for the office and spicing up any summer outfit.
good travel finds are always awesome convo-starters
and up your 'cool factor', by like, a lot.
speaking of cool, click here and here to check out my middle east travel posts.

what's your favorite travel gem?


i flew home this past weekend to toledo, ohio for a good friend's wedding.
its always fun to catch up with friends i haven't seen in years
and spend time with my beloved murtagh clan.

stopped by the us senior open but the humidity drew me to the air-conditioned beer tent.
my hair prefers the rockies.