October 31, 2011

penny lane.

{penny lane and russell hammond from stillwater.}
how'd we do?
i know i look pretty much exactly like kate hudson...
almost famous is one of my favorite movies.
what were you this year?

happy halloween!

October 28, 2011

the wolf people.

{Lamar Valley, Yellowstone}

{setting up shop takes serious concentration}
at 6 am on saturday we left cooke city, montana and headed into lamar valley.
we were told to look out for a guy in a yellow xterra...he's the wolf man.
we found the yellow xterra.
plus other cars with license plates like "WOLFLVR" and "LONEWLF".
after a short hike we found 30 people all peering into their three thousand dollar scopes.
they'd been there since 4am so we were totally late.

after finally setting up our borrowed scope, (see above....such wolf amateurs.)
we spotted the pack.
but i'd be lying if i said i thought they were more incredible then the pack of people watching them.

i had no idea these people existed.
one woman left her teaching job in san diego to move up here to watch wolves.
all. day. every. day.
they all knew each other and they all knew everything about the wolf pack.
i'm sorry but how the hell can you tell which pup belongs to which wolf at 2 miles away???
i'll give it to the pack peeps that at least they are passionate about something...
nat. geo should totally hire them.  or maybe document them.

October 27, 2011

jellystone wildlife.

{howling coyote}
{hundreds of bison in the roads} 
{can you spot the grizzly?  i didn't want to spook him with a flash}
{bison sitting in front of our cabin.  i was laughing too hard to get a good photo!}
{this monkey}

we also spotted 2 wolf packs but my lens wasn't capable of zooming that far!
i do however, have photos of the wolf pack PEOPLE.
stay tuned...

October 24, 2011

twenty six.

today i turn 26.
for my birthday weekend i hit up jellystone national park.
2 wolf packs, 1 grizzly bear in the road, tons of bison.
zero. tourists.  which equals the best time to be there!
more photos to come....

{trail mix. driving essentials}
{lower falls}
{mammoth hot springs}

**photos by me

October 19, 2011

heart melter.

currently outside my office.
makes me miss my momma!
hope you are all having a lovely day.

October 18, 2011

wanna know something ironic?

i'm allergic to eggs.

i had my blood drawn a few weeks ago to see what exactly has been pissing my stomach off.
welp, of all the things.....eggs.
along with all dairy products.
boo, no more late night soft serve yogurt sessions for me.

got any egg & dairy free recipes for this gal?  shoot em my way.

can't get enough.

the golden aspens this year are to die for.
a photo from a drive up curtis canyon.

October 14, 2011

lynze's day!

happiest birthday to one of my bestest pals on earth.
i'd send you a big bottle of champagne but you'd probably get arrested for it in dubai.
absolutely can not wait until you are only a short plane ride away!
you are one of the most amazing gals i know
much love,

{flashback.....sua prom 2003}
i was lucky enough to visit lynze in dubai this spring.  click here to check it out.
from there we traveled to sri lanka.
so happy to have shared the adventure with her!

October 12, 2011

with love.

living in jackson you meet some incredibly talented people from all over the world.
i met emilie 2 summers ago before she moved to india to start her fashion line With Love, Emilie Ghilaga.
she sent me this video of her upcoming collection and i love!  
check it out and head over to her website to snag a dress for yourself.
my faves are the perfect girlfriend (the ones you see above)

October 11, 2011

oyster fest.

  400 + oysters for an off-season birthday party.

October 7, 2011

yup, that's snow.
time to get out the chunky sweaters and boots.

have you noticed the little changes to the egg?
i've added a few new things you should check out on the right.
cute, eh?  what do you think?

click the wooden 'about me' plank to read more about the ol' egglette (mom calls me that)

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October 5, 2011

rumor has it...

{vintage jackson hole lift tickets via JHMR}
i heard on the radio this am its supposed to s.n.o.w. this week.
can't help but get excited for this ski season.
la niña is in the works people.
which is code for powder skiing. 

October 3, 2011

jackson peak.

cross another hike off of my jackson hole bucket list.
a girl hike on saturday to the top of jackson peak.
about an hour past the gorgeous goodwin lake.
10,741 feet high.
taking full advantage of this indian summer.

{thanks maximus}
{way to go jackson girlies!}