January 5, 2012

can't be without.

one of my favorite bloggers Maple + Shade asked me to do a guest post
about what i can't live/work without in jackson hole.
the full post should be up soon over at her blog
i thought i'd share a few things i can't do without in the hole:

cannot live without
1. i carry my hobo clutch everywhere.
2. this patagonia down works great for both skiing and showing property. so many awesome colors every season.
3. if you are a mac user, this little gem keeps your mac safe. trust me, invest....only $20!
4. stylish anthro bedding keeps me warm and cozy during the long winter months.
5. a gift to myself after i sold my first house. dress her up, dress her down, i take this little lady everywhere....even dubai!
6. one can never have too many pairs of frye boots out west.
7. greatest product ever invented.  i have one in every coat, every purse, my car, my office, and ski pants.

cannot work without
1. the otterbox might be bulky but it protects my iphone from the snow.  i have to take it with me when i ski!  my emails are non-stop.
2. my new blogging job requires me to snap photos all over town.  the 60D is light and easy to use.
3. my mom always said that people will take you more seriously when your nails look good.  my favorite polish, midnight red.  mom is always right.
4. my around-the-office moccasins.  very comfy and not too casual for when clients pop in.
5. i need music 24/7.  at my office and on the slopes.  this app is perfect.
6. go ahead and laugh but this medicine ball has been my best friend for 3 years.  sometimes i do ab workouts when no one is looking....and its a great ice-breaker when new customers walk into my office!

what are your absolute must-haves? 


mikky said...

Love your Gucci bag and the blue coat and those fantastic boots. Was just paying my Xmas bills, but now you've got me wanting to shop!!!! Bad,bad,bad ;)
For a few of what I can't live without: my guy, my pets, iPhone, Internet!!!, Nutella (however I am trying not to...), fantastic smelling shampoos and my Gucci sunnies.
Btw thanks for stopping by my blog.

chanel said...

I love these layouts! What program did you use?

★ JASMINE ★ said...

love the blog miss! ...now following you :-)

Follow me back?

★ JASMINE ★ said...

love the blog miss! ...now following you :-)

Follow me back?

Sincerely Sammie said...

I'm loving that hobo clutch! The color is such a pretty mango.


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

slippers, purse, and burt's bees Chapstick are ALL necessary! and i think i really want to get that mac cover!!
xo TJ

kori said...

I love your must-have lists! The Gucci bag looks amazing. I'm currently deciding between a Nikon or a Canon (a wish list item), so thanks for the tip!