January 23, 2012

i can't feel my legs.

row 1: jeffers had a bloody nose so HE decided to shove a tampon up his face....a lot of down time in between powder days with my cozy cabin slippers.
row 2: powder essentials for this chick: tram bars and tylenol.....blue bird powder day on sublette
row 3: hiking the headwall via the elevator aka STF (straight the f*ck up). my legs hate me..... one of my favorite apres ski drinks, cascade's blood orange margarita.

5 feet of snow in 5 days.
powder days every day at jhmr.
for reals though, i can barely move.
but so very worth it!

P.S. Jackson Hole Featured on VOGUE!


Kylie said...

the tampon is killing me hahahahaha
miss skiing soo bad
only gotta go once this year :(

Whitney said...

Haha smart guy, used a tampon to soak up his bloody nose! I think my hubby would die opening a tampon :) Loving your blog, new follower!


Girlie Blogger said...

How fun.

Bon Bon said...

smart move with the tampon:-) I mean, they are super absorbent, right? And what cute little snow bunnies you guys are! xoxo

elz said...

ah im so jealous! we are going to Chamonix during the first week in March, I can hardly wait. I haven't even seen real-life snow yet this winter...im dying!

Janine said...

I am in love with Jackson Hole. Loved this post.