March 2, 2012

plum paper + discount.

around this time last month, i had a mental organization break down.
between work, blogging, dishing, and many other things,
i started forgetting about appointments.
so not like me and so not cool.
after college i swore off any sort of planner. (eek they reminded me of term papers)
until i discovered plum paper.
is it weird that i'm in love with my new planner?
i seriously just look at the beaut and a huge sense of relief washes over me.
like, "its okay meag, i've got all of your super important deadlines, meetings, wine dates, and lists. don't fret."
and let's not forget that they start the planner at any month of the year for you.  
that alone is points in my book.

the lovelies over at plum paper are offering an exclusive discount for all egg readers!
10% off their ENTIRE site for the ENTIRE month of march.
cards, planners, wedding planners, gift tags, you name it, they've got it.
click on the discount code below and enter "THEEGG10" at checkout.


Taylor said...

i love paper products. this stationery looks FABULOUS and oh so fun!!! :)

ps. i did have an etsy store...but i closed it up because i honestly didn't have the time for the upkeep. :( unfortunate! i am thinking about starting it up again within the next few months. right now the job is taking priority! :)

Jenna said...

I've been wanting one of these planners for forever - one day I'm going to give in and just order one :)