May 30, 2012

this happened.

{zara skirt / vintage boots / b.r. leather jacket (old)}
the annual rotary wine festival was this past weekend.
pretty much my favorite event of the year.
taste testing vinos from around the world is always a blast.
malbec still wins over this girl's heart.
afterwards we hit up the famous cowboy bar.
where they are finally putting the antique shoe shine seats to use!
i immediately signed up and got my ol' vintage cowboy boots a nice shinin'
for only $10!


briannelee said...

Sounds fun! Love your cowboy boots.

Lindsay said...

Love the cowboy boots with the Zara skirt! So cute!

JanM ♥ said...

You guys look so cute and I love your skirt :)

I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you're interested!

MK and David said...

we had a blast at the wine fest too, but i think i enjoyed the old west brew fest better on saturday!


The Mrs. and The Momma said...

That is too stinkin' cute getting your boots shined! How fun! Looks like a wonderful time!

The Mrs. and The Momma

Padgett Hoke said... that I just finally caught up on made me smile ear to ear. you really are one of my favorite bloggers & total bonus! I know you! Now, if we could actually nail down a time to hang, that would be special.

Shannon said...

Wine Fest???? Okay now, that does sound like the best event of the year! What fun!

Crystle said...

This is my idea of a good time. That Zara skirt is a dream! So jelly.

Sara said...

Love the outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

Change the wine fest to a beer fest and I'm there in a heartbeat. Shoeshine? Classy stuff right there.

Jennifer said...

You guys look so cute!

xo Jennifer

Danielle said...

I want that skirt SO bad!