June 15, 2012

proudest faux auntie.

jeffer's older brother just had his third boy yesterday.
lucky for me, they live in jackson.
i'm the proudest faux auntie that ever lived!!!
(i enjoy coining terms, thanks)
i'll be spending my weekend with this little nugget.
hope you all have a wonderful summer weekend!


Maggy said...

Just found your blog via Jenni, love it! You live life with flair girl, I like it.

Allie said...

oh myyy goodness!!!!!!! looks like hes even smiling just a little way too precious!

briannelee said...

So cute!!!!

whitney said...

what a cute little nuggetttt.

can't say i want one but i am glad hey is so cute for their sake!!

tara polly said...

well oh my goodness. cute as can be!

andrea said...

What a handsome little guy!
Congrats, being an auntie is the greatest :)

Shannon said...

Congratulations! I can't wait to be an aunt someday.


his little lady said...

oh my, who wouldn't be proud of that cute little nugget. cutest thing ever!!!!
xo TJ