July 14, 2012


after i posted about my old dog, here
i received LOTS of wonderful feedback about how i was actually pretty normal
about missing my dog and that its ok to feel guilty just thinking of getting a new one.
but that being said, i felt kinda bad for my buddy osker.
osker is jeff's dog and he's pretty perfect.
jeff and osker are a packaged deal and i'm beyond okay with that.
although he's not my dog, he certainly treats me like we are best friends.
i guess all i have to say is that i'm grateful for this dude above
plus he lets me dress him up so i've got that going for me.


Catherine said...

Any dog is a wonderful dog, in my opinion. I miss my old dog like crazy, but I love every single dog I say. Osker looks pretty awesome.

Just discovered your blog. I'm your newest follower.

FEST (food, style & travel)

Lindsey said...

Osker looks like a great best friend! What a face!

Sarah said...

What a lovely dog! I get what your saying, I've just got my first dog and I can't imagine losing her. When the day comes, I would get another dog, not right away, but I think its important to have one. I've never had so much love!

And there is nothing more adorable than a puppy! Enjoy it!

Sarah XxX

Crystle said...

Any dog who lets you dress him up is a saint. Go Osker!

Elisabeth @ La Vita e Bella said...

oh my word - he's gorgeous ...and love that he lets you dress him up :P he's so photogenic :)


Luis said...

You're incredible.

#1 I think your photography skills are phenomenal.

#2 He's adorable.

#3 I'm dying.




Jenna | The Paleo Project said...

Are you kidding with this!? It's the cutest thing ever. Submit it to dailypuppy.com it's a gamechanger.

Taylor said...

What type of dog is this one?! He is just too cute. No two dogs are the same, so I think it's perfectly fine to feel guilty about getting a new one, missing the old one, but loving the new pup :)