September 11, 2012

a forest fire.

{view from my street on sunday afternoon}

{plane dropping fire retardant. view from my roof}
i woke up on monday morning to a frantic phone call from jeffers
"east jackson needs to evacuate!"
a forest fire had started the day before and creeped a little too-close-for-comfort towards town.
thankfully we found out soon after that it was just an advisory evacuation.
watching the dozens of planes and helicopters nose dive into cache creek canyon yesterday was surreal.
i can't believe what firefighters and rescue workers go through to protect the lives of others.
which comes as the perfect reminder for today, 9/11.
thank you to all of those fighting the massive blaze and protecting our jackson hole.


Amy said...

Wildfires are crazy! I hope they get it under control!

Renee said...

That is crazy close to where you were! Pretty scary!

Gentri said...

Glad you're ok! Been thinking about you and all in jakson hole!

Jeeh Trend said...

Mi piace tuo blog , viene a trovarmi al mio :

Oltre al mondo della moda, ci occuperemo di vari argomenti come: la bellezza, l'architettura, l'arredamento, la cultura pop, di viaggio, i luoghi, le persone e il cibo.

Vi aspetto..


Shannon said...

Glad you're okay! Wildfires are so scary.