September 14, 2012

running with heart.

i haven't really posted much about my marathon training
mainly because i'm afraid it might jinx me in some way.
but its crunch time people!!!
i only have a few weeks left before the big race in chicago.
i'll be running with the American Heart Association on behalf of my pops,
who survived a massive heart attack two years ago.
there is a good chance that you know someone who has been or will be affected by heart disease.
if you'd like to help me reach my goal during my training,
please click here to read my story.


Robyn said...

brilliant-well done. a friend has done that marathon and said it was her favourite! good luck with the race!

allergic to vanilla said...

Yes, good luck with the race! You'll do great-I've done several half's but never a full, such an accomplishment.

x carlina

Stephanie Lam said...

Oh gosh, good luck with the marathon!! I'm currently training for a stair climb with my co workers!! I get tired after 10 flights... hehe :)