September 24, 2012

welcome to jackson hole.

my family just left this morning and i'm exhausted like, whoa.
we spent the week fishing, eating, fishing, and more eating.
i teamed up with the ladies at Dishing to come up with the perfect
"welcome bag" full of jackson hole local favorites for my family to enjoy.

the tote: xowyo makes the cutest totes with a helpful and fun map of jackson! it's the perfect size to hold all of the goodies.  my mom is already in love and i know she'll flaunt the bag around after she departs.
coffee travel mugs: one of my go-to shops, Made, sells ceramic travel mugs that are perfect for early grizzly sighting trips through grand teton national park.
coffee:  snake river roasting company has won over my parents' hearts.
wine: okay, so maybe this one is more for me but i just love the chardonnay from jackson hole winery.
tram bars: locally made Tram Bars are the best granola bars you will ever have!
mustache flask: another amazing find at Made.  for my brothers on their fishing trip.
elk and buffalo salami: a great treat for visitors and oh, so good! my dad's personal favorite from jackson hole buffalo meat company. the buffalo salami was a goner in less than 10 minutes. (pictured below)
sauces and rubs: house made spices and sauces from the famous cowboy bar.  the huckleberry steak sauce is unreal.
pancake mix:  the bunnery now has their pancake mix available in stores! i know my brothers will eat this up over the weekend.
flowers: after filling up your welcome bag, don't forget the flowers! the whole grocer always has fresh and colorful beauties.


briannelee said...

Oooo, such a cute idea!!! All of those goodies look amazing. I want one ;)

JanM ♥ said...

That's such a sweet idea to give them a welcome bag :)


Shannon said...

Totally adorable!! What a wonderful way to welcome guests.

Hop, skip and jump said...

love the tote bag!

Taylor said...

Ok, so how thoughtful is this?! What a perfect gift. So fun and I love how it all has to do with your awesome mountain town. :) excellent picks! I'd be soooo happy to find this kind of thing everywhere I traveled. Good ideas for future reference, too! I'll have to start thinking of ideas for a Philadelphia bag, not as glam as Jackson Hole :)

Jenna said...

This is the cutest bag ever. It is so clever. I bet your family loved them.

dear olive said...

That looks like the best pack! Kellie xx

MK and David said...

that is such a cute idea! i think i would have to switch out the wine for some SRB Pako's though. yum! would be PERFECT to take when visiting my bf's family!!!


Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Oh my word - this is such a sweet idea, so thoughtful and creative! I agree, the flowers are the perfect touch :)

stefanie hurtado said...

this is SO adorable!!

and i've heard the most amazing things about jackson hole. i've been meaning to pay a visit.

stefanie hurtado said...

this is SO adorable!!

and i've heard the most amazing things about jackson hole. i've been meaning to pay a visit.

Jess {The In-Between} said...

Oh man, I wish I could find a bag like that with a map of STL on it.
Great choices.

Allie said...

oh my god i LOVE this. mostly the salami. but the tote too. and the flowers. and i want to visit.