November 8, 2012

LOTM: my favorite hiking item

this week's LOTM: our favorite hiking item.
the camel bak is a necessity for me all year round.
for summer day hikes, i take the larger backpack as i always carry an extra layer.
you never know when an afternoon storm might roll in!
it also has room for my camera, phone, car keys, and food to grub on.
i sometimes even take my camel pak when i'm skiing and don't need to strap my skis to my back.
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chestnutmocha said...

a backpack would be my number one hiking item, too! We just got a new amazing backpack for Ben recently and I can't wait to go hiking and take photos!

Anonymous said...

I haven't purchased one of these yet, but I have debated it time and time again. I feel like it would be great on the ski hill! I'm heading up for opening day tomorrow, and now I wish I had a camel bak to accompany me as I rip down the mountain a hundred million times!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

I love my Camel Bak, I never hike without it!