November 22, 2012

LOTM: thankful for my mountain haven

today i'm thankful for my mountain haven, jackson hole.
but i'm most thankful for are the people who live there.
i've met the most amazing people in our little town (including jeffers)
who continue to inspire me through their crazy athletic abilities, their artsy ways, their passion for music/food, and their genuine zest for life.
i'm thankful to live in a place where others encourage me to see the world.
i don't think i'd be in argentina if it wasn't for the love and support from my peeps back home.
happy thanksgiving friends and family all over the world!

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Brooke said...

I am so grateful for the mountains too - especially since they've taken to being covered in snow and so beautiful.

Happy Thanksgiving :)

Colleen Brynn said...

It's so true... my feelings on a place very often boil down to the people there...

G said...

there's just something special about mountains isn't there. beautiful picture! x

Gentri said...

Beautiful. :) I love it.

sweet harvest moon said...


Jenna said...

I've always dreamed of living in the mountains in Montana for a few years! I think life must be such a beautiful adventure :)


Chloe Moon said...

What a pretty!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! =)

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Indy said...

What a gorgeous are lucky!

Elle Falconer said...

I was just having this conversation with a girlfriend of mine a few days ago. I have always wanted to live on a mountain and just live sustainably on whatever land I own (I even drew it out and everything, it's my dream home). So beautiful.