December 28, 2012

the happiest of holidays.

{all credit goes to my talented aunt molly!}
{roses, roses, roses.}

{me with the gorgeous bride to be!}
after 24 hours of travel last week,
i made it home just in time for my gorgeous cousin's engagement party.
let's be honest, (see previous post), i wouldn't have missed it for the world.
besides losing my voice for almost 5 days straight, i've had the most wonderful time with my family.
all 26 of us made it back for our annual lobster xmas eve dinner
and we all squeezed around the most gigantic/gorgeous dining room table.
tomorrow i'm off on the last leg of my 3 month trip, new orleans!


Blair Friedeman said...

Looks amazing! Merry Christmas, Meagan! Have a great trip to New Orleans. xo

Mrs. W said...

Wow, that's a beautiful table!! Merry Christmas!

Chloe Moon said...

How cool!! I love festive Christmas parties!! Those name holders are adorable!!! =) Merry Christmas!!!

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Maria said...

Aw, so sweet that you were able to make it in time for her party! My family is from New Orleans, so it's home to me! I hope you really enjoy it! xo, Maria

Anonymous said...

That candle arrangement is fantastic! I like the matching hats too. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season with your family. My family also does a lobster feast on christmas eve. I can't imagine missing it.


Brandy Saldana said...

Wow! these photos are amazing! Love the table's decorations.

so jealous you'll be going to new orleans. food is amazing from there!


Jessica said...

Wow- now that is a Christmas set up! Looks beautiful!

tiny dancer said...

Wowza thats one huge holiday dinner! You must have had so much fun :) Happy Holidays!


Taylor said...

Loving your dress!

Maya {CharminglyStyled} said...

Yay! Sounds like your adventures have been fabulous {love that killer dinner table too - major props to your aunt!}


The Adventurer said...

Um, stop it. That is the most festive Christmas. Ever.

Its like you are literally at the North Pole.

Totes jealies.

Behold the Metatron said...

That holiday table looks magical!!


Alli said...

Oh my, these photos are absolutely magical! Cheers!