February 29, 2012

gelande quaffing.

way back in the 80's, the greatest mountain sport competition was born.
Gelande Quaffing made its name right here in jackson hole.
what is Gelande Quaffing you ask?
well, the guys of the Hostel Team were nice enough to allow me to join in on a practice.
they answered all of my tough questions like, "what the hell is Gelande Quaffing?"
and I snapped some photos of their final Quaffing practice.
as you can see.....this sport is intense.
16 teams of the most hardcore Quaffers (local businesses) will line up today, February 29, 2012 at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.
games start at 4:20, naturally.

over 25 years ago in Jackson Hole, a few of the legendary Jackson Hole Air Force guys were having some brews at the Bear Claw (now Village Cafe) while waiting out a 14 foot storm.
the story goes that the bartender slid a full mug of beer down the bar to his buddy and instinctively, the beer was caught before it hit the ground.
little did they know but they had just changed the face of mountain sports forever.

1. 4 person teams, no subs.
2. 1 minute for first 3 rounds, finals are 2 minutes.
3. Quaffer must be 2 feet from the edge of the bar.
4. Must rotate pitcher and quaffer every pitch.
5. You CANNOT pitch until beer is down and mug touches the bar again!
6. You must quaff the beer, not wear it.
7. No puking, puking results in immediate team disqualification.
8. In the event of a tie, each team will choose 1 quaffer and 1 pitcher, and the team with the fastest Gelande Quaff wins.
Round 1: 1 point regular catch, 2 points handle catch.
Round 2: The quaffer must do a 360 between leaving the pitchers
hand and the quaffer’s catch.  1 point regular catch, 2 points
handle catch.
Round 3: The quaffer must to a 360 OR under the leg catch.  1 point
regular catch, 2 points handle catch.
Finals: (2min) 1 catch of each… handle catch, 360 catch, and under
the leg catch. After the 3 required catches..Freestyle. 0 points
regular catch*, 1 point handle catch, 2 points 360 handle catch* OR under the leg, 0-5 points freestyle (at judges discretion)
*rules and scoring provided by the Village Cafe.

due to the release of this article being the morning of the world championship,
i was sworn into a vow of secrecy of the freestyle moves I witnessed last night.
that being said, the Hostel Team is looking tough!
good luck boys!!!

February 28, 2012

a hoot + other stuff.

1. taking a new yorker to the hootenany is a hoot in itself.
2. buckle up, osker!  safety first dude.
3. college friends reunited for some boogie moves.
4. recent move to the woods.  oh, the cabin life tis sweet, yet a bit crowded.
5. scoping out corbet's couloir.  meh, maybe next time.
6. waffles at the top of the tram.  nom. nom. nom. ski.

February 24, 2012

mountainista must-haves.

starting next month, most of the country will be twirling around in sundresses.
we mountain ladies on the other hand, will still be bundling up.
while i'm tempted to purchase every new flouncy skirt and pointy heel on the internet,
they will only disappoint and sit in my closet until july.  june if i'm lucky.
therefore, i'm adding some warm(er) spring trends to my mountain-ista closet.
did i just coin that term?
you heard it here first kids.

blazer: zara stripped blazer, $79.90
bib necklace: j.crew bubble necklace in sweet papaya, $150
jeans: sold spring street skinny jeans in smurf, $108
sunglasses: han kjobenhavn for madewell in tiger, $134
booties: steven by steve madden pembrook, $79
belt: madewell snake charmer skinny belt, $45
polish: essie in a crewed interest shade, $8

February 22, 2012

true life:

i live in the most amazing place.
jeffers about to head down the spock chutes in granite canyon.
big storm peeps.  big storm.

February 21, 2012

winner + mink decisions.

i realized that after ALL of your ah-mazing suggestions on my
little mink dilemma, i never actually told you my decision!
comments came in one by one and i felt kind of dumb for even questioning this beauty.
thanks to all for your advice,
my mom came to visit and we decided i'll take the shoulder pads out and shorten it.....a small tad.
then, i shall twork it with all of you in mind.

winner of the padgett hoke give+away is below!

February 17, 2012

a little après-ski.

{apres with friends}
{ski bums make me laugh}
{local hangout}
{this town likes beanies}
only one water bottle in all of those beer cans.
silly ski bums.

**don't forget to enter in the giveaway here**

February 16, 2012

give + away. {padgett hoke}

for all your pretty little ear lobes,
the talented miss padgett is giving away her newest set of gems.
padgett is also a jackson hole local blogger who has a very fun etsy shop.
she also has the coolest name ever.

so you wanna win these, eh?
to be entered:
1. must be an egg follower and tell me you love me. (1 entry)
2. visit padgett's shop and tell me your fave item. (2 entries)

that's it amigas!
winner chosen this weekend.

February 13, 2012

80's ladies ski ballet.

so last year i started this thing.
probably the most amazing idea i've ever come up with.
after watching the vintage ski movie "hot dog",
i couldn't resist putting together our own little ski ballet!

{that's me in the neon orange. directing 80's tourists}

we're doing this thing again in march.
if you are in the jackson hole area,
can rock a thong leotard,
and have ribbon dancing experience (preferred)
then i better see your neon butts on the slopes!
hope you can make it!
official invite:

Alright Betches.

Time to get real....for the second time.
The second annual 80's Ladies Ski Ballet Practice is March 10th. 
I'm speaking from personal experience, but if you can't carry a ribbon dancer like the rest of us...
don't come to the Hill and waste our time.
We're serious.
And bring a lot of movement clothes,
A.K.A. neon spandex, dance belts, lycras, et al.
and seriously, F.Y.I., you guys,
this is not an excuse to get out of your regular ski day activities.
This is an excuse to do some good solid mongoose practice.
So, be prepared, be enthusiastic...and leave your bullshit attitude and baggage at the Base, 'cause we don't need it!
We want to see neon, spandex, thongs, more neon, tutus and huge smiles plastered on your faces.

Let's DO THIS!
Invite open to all ladies.....but ribbon dancing experience preferred.

**photos by Corey Rondeau

February 10, 2012

crazy week.

sorry for the lack of posting this week. it's been a bit nuts.
i broke out in hives all over my face.
....all week.
i met quentin tarantino.  (sans hives. thank god.)
he's here filming his new movie. 
no, i did not spot leo. 
i signed up for the chicago marathon.
then i questioned my sanity.
my bosses took a quick trip to canada to heli ski.
i showed about 99 homes.  these things tend to happen when they leave.

i had an incredible week with babs! (my momma)
she had an awesome time at the spa, eating at all the great restaurants, and she even did a 90 mile snowmobile trip through yellowstone.
we had a great girls' week.
how cute is she?
she my bestest friend and the most amazing woman.

February 9, 2012

meet my friend.

check out my friend's new jewelry collection.
how gorgeous are those gems?!
my childhood pal Ali just released her newest project, a.louise.
i'm so, so, so impressed by her insanely beautiful designs.
very intricate yet very simple that any lady could rock.
i'm thinking about leaving her website up on my computer
just as a little hint to the boyfriend for a certain lover's day coming up.
i mean, wouldn't you?
my favorite is the chimera ring shown above.
stop by her website.  
i'm seriously in love with every piece!

*all photos courtesy of designer*

February 6, 2012

i've fallen for manhattans.

Found at The Granary.
Makers 46 with a dash of sweet vermouth and orange bitters.
Served with a cherry for $11.

This Orange Manhattan is exactly what I needed after a long day of skiing.
It was my first time trying Makers 46 and it warmed me right up!
The citrusy taste is subtle but just right.
The perfect relaxing drink to enjoy while listening to a live piano player.
If you are looking to try a new fun cocktail, head on up, you won't be disappointed.
Did you know that The Granary has daily happy hour specials?
You can grab a drink at the bar, watch the game, and munch on their bar menu.
Your wallet will thank you.
The view ain't too shabby either.

{Smoke trout dip with crostinis}
{This MUST-ORDER baked brie with house made apple butter and candied walnuts}
{Don't forget dessert!  House made strawberry cheesecake}

February 2, 2012

jackson folk {meet, for love & lemons}

meet jackson's very own fashion gurus: laura and gillian.
this darling duo design and own the incredible fashion line For Love and Lemons.
the two best friends grew up in jackson hole,
starting their business career with their very own lemonade stand....too cute!
after studying business and fashion design, the girls headed to australia.
it was there that they decided to start their own line, For Love and Lemons.
i'm swooning over their 2012 spring collection (especially the dresses)
here is a peek into their look book:

{the brains behind it all, gillian and laura!}

are you as obsessed as i am?
the 2012 spring collection hits stores next week!
follow them on facebook for more info on where to shop.
don't forget to stop by their website

"for the girl who doesn't follow trends, she makes them." - For Love and Lemons
loves it.

*all photos belong to for love and lemons