April 30, 2012

guest + post. {maple & shade}

i'm currently in nicaragua.
while i soak up the sun,  soak up hannah from maple + shade.
this girl is the reason i started blogging.
i bet big bucks you'll fall in love with her after her amazing travel/style tips.
you're welcome.

So, if there's one concrete thing I know about travel, it's the fact that it's become quite a luxury these days. Skyline airline and hotel prices mean you have to be super smart and savvy, especially with your packing--those filled-to-the-brim suitcases now fly anything but free. And, I don't know about you, but I always fight the urge to purchase a new wardrobe before embarking on any big trip. I don't know what it is, but suddenly my closet falls terribly short of any new city / country's standards (yes, even those third world wonders). At the same time, I want to arrive with a wallet that hasn't been dented by my pre-travel splurges. So, that creates a conundrum, which thankfully I've learned to deal with quite thriftily. Everything I bring with me must be easily layered and incredibly versatile...worn day to night...warm to cold...rain or shine...leaving me with room in my suitcase, cash in my wallet, and plenty of outfits for whatever adventures arise. So, through trial and error I've nailed down my must-have travel essentials that are both stylish and sensible:

1. I don't go anywhere without an oversized scarf--extra points if it lends a splash of color. I love them for their versatiliy: need a beach coverup? check.  a chic shawl for the plane? check.  a bold pop of color for an all-black outfit? check.  The scarf's possibilities are entirely endless.

2. Cross-body bags are the ultimate travel companion. They're easily slung over the shoulder and stay very much out of your way (hands free for shopping...duh), but more compact versions (like this tassled Chloe, above) can be touted under the arm as an evening-hours clutch.

3. Aviators. They're an absolute staple on my head or in my handbag, but their slim frames mean they're super delicate. To avoid being heartbroken over shattered Ray Bans, I buy multiple pairs of my favorite $3 Forever21 aviators. 

4. These ZARA sandals are simple and refined, and can easily (and quite elegantly) go from daytime strolling to nighttime wining and dining.

5. That passport's rather important, so I prefer to keep it safe (for many years and hopeful travels to come) in a classic but edgey crock skin cover.

6. Practical arm candy at its best: this classic Timex can be touted during daytime excursions, then dressed up at night with some simple gold bangles. And, it's sleek, simple design means you'll have it (and love it) forever.

7. These Korres milk-protein makeup removing wipes do wonders for your face and eliminate leak-prone, weighty bottles of liquid wash.

8. I don't go anywhere without my beloved moleskine. I find myself wanting to document every little detail when I travel, and these are more than perfect for such musings.

9. Black leggings. I could (and maybe sometimes do) live in them on trips. Especially long flights. Dress them up, dress them down. I love them paired with a black leather jacket and simple black wedges...day to night in one fell (easily packed) swoop.

10. Pretty, coral-pink lipgloss is my perfect hue for lending my face some color, day or night. I'm a sucker for cosmetics, but do my best to pair them way down when abroad.

11. Just as I said, I'm a sucker for cosmetics. My absolute favorite bronzer/blush duo is a pricey Nars combo, but my wallet doesn't always allow such a splurge. Good thing E.L.F. makes a 100% comparable THREE DOLLAR version. It was even tested by beauty gurus, and they all said the same thing: don't splurge, but save. And, the side-by-side design is perfect for travel!

12. Super dry planes and climate changes can wreak havoc on your skin. My one-trick-wonder is Kiehl's Intensive Moisturizer--it's the perfect travel companion for face, body, and lips.

13. An uber-chic bikini will keep you classy on any found beach, and, if you're daring enough, you could rock the super cute bow-tie top layered beneath an open silk shirt or cardi, like this girl.

14. Rain-puddled streets, snow-filled cities, and mountainous terrain can all be easily conquered with Bean's boots. Bonus: they're incredibly cute paired with black jeans or leggings.

15. I'm pretty much attached to my iPhone (and of course instagram), and can't even fathom hopping any oceans without them. Instead of spending what's sure to be a lot on over-sea data and talk plans, I simply tote my laptop along and rely on skype for any conversing. And, to avoid astronomical data charges, here's a handy trick: only use your phone's internet when it's connected to wifi! It won't cost you a thing :)

Alright, my pretties.  It was so good spending time with you while Meagan's conquering her case of wanderlust. And I hope I lent a little bit of travel and packing insight to those of you who might be considering the same. 

Bon voyage! And carpe diem, of course :)


April 27, 2012

top 10 travel checklist.

tomorrow i'm off to nicaragua with my best friend.
ask me if i've even looked at a map yet.
i've backpacked a few times in my life
and the best way to travel is with no plan at all.
i've also learned the necessary items to keep me company along the way.
the theme here people is cheap, cheap, cheap.

above is a look into my personal top 10 backpacking essentials:
1. cheap sunglasses: protect my baby blues but these eyes won't be watering if they happen to fall into the ocean during a booze cruise.
2. cheap bathing suit tops: i usually pack more as they act as not just swim wear, but my every day support system.
3. panama hat: i found this gem at a vintage store in town. it adds a little style to my trip.
4. the cheapest clothing you can find: worn multiple times throughout the trip and absolutely no concern if they gather a few stains. immediately throw out upon return home.
5. chacos: crocs ugly step sisters.  those multiple straps help my bad back when i'm literally...backpacking. hottest tan lines ever.
6. medications: thank you dad for prescribing me the goods just in case the worst happens. no one likes montezuma's revenge.
7. a damn good book: i'm not talking your chick flick beach reads but rather something with substance. john steinbeck and his travel stories will fit nicely at the top of my pack.
8. jhorts:  no reasoning needed.
9. cheap small purse: to hold my passport and money.  easy access while shopping.  no need to go digging through my bag when i don't speak spanish anyways. let's not make this completely awkward.
10. comfy flip flops: to get rid of the nasty chaco tan lines.

there you have it!
please stay tuned while i'm away as i've got some ah-mazing guest bloggers lined up.

April 25, 2012


when it comes to being handy, i'm absolutely worthless.
i can't even figure out how to put knobs on my dresser.
dating a carpenter is a huge plus in my book.
one who actually enjoys pinteresting with me.  oh, the endless possibilities!
i came home on friday to find this amazing new headboard.
with. out. even. asking.
reclaimed barn wood from a gorgeous ranch.
whipped it up in 15 minutes.
AND he knows i love being "green".
that boy knows the way to this chick's heart.

April 18, 2012

online shopping problem.

clearly, i have one.
either that or shopbop is using a great marketing gimmick to make me feel "special".
anyway you put it, i'm on the friends and family list.
and only because i spend 95% of my clothing purchases on their site.
so yes, you can buy love.

here are few thing i've been eyeing lately.
feel free to use that code and snag these bad boys up!
you have until midnight tonight.
happy shopping.


April 16, 2012

wyoming reminders.

this man is real.
sometimes i come across people who remind me that i actually live in the wild west.
like this guy, who we met at the pinto ranch and shot rifles with over easter weekend.

April 12, 2012

letters to rwanda.

"Imagine living your entire life without ever receiving a piece of mail.
Now imagine writing to that person.
What would you say? How would they respond?
Rwanda Walk is your chance to find out."

my most favorite photographer is looking for help.
morris traveled to africa this past november
and he's heading back.
he'll be walking over 200 miles across rwanda to personally deliver letters.
here's where you come in:

"We invite you to write anything that you find meaningful: letters, stories, jokes, proverbs, song lyrics, poems, quotes, etc. Make them anonymous or include photos and contact information. Your choice. We will then record their responses and share them with you on this site and in a future fine-art exhibition."

the only criteria is that you title your letter with a human trait or emotion.
it will be the word your rwanda recipient will be responding to.
morris will be documenting their responses.
he'll be posting photos and blogging daily at www.rwandawalk.com,
where you can follow along and see your impact on a world so far away.

it's simple, it's easy, a stranger will be forever grateful.
i encourage you all to take the time and join in on this great idea.
send your letters by April 27th to:

p.o. box 
jackson, wy 83002

(if you'd rather email, please send them to me: meagan{dot}murtagh{at}gmail{dot}com. im happy to print and add to the stack!}

April 9, 2012

a fashion post.

{vest: dkny, high-waisted zebra ski pants: ebay/isometric strength training equipment: c/o neighbor's garage}
{sun's out, sexy suits on} 
{taking it back to our skiing roots}
{nautical suit w/ built in thong: bogner}
{unitard: c/o a friend's mom, jhort onesie: guess jeans}
that's me at the top.
i know, i look so much better blonde.
yesterday marked the end of the 2012 jackson hole ski season.
what better way to celebrate than in your best ski attire?
the fanny pack at the bottom still has a used tissue in it from the 80's.
that right there, my friends, is called authenticity.

click HERE for more 2012 last day on the hill photos.  
they are a treat.

April 6, 2012

npr knows whats up.

according to my 66 year old male boss,
"i heard on npr that colored jeans are in."
i have way too much fun wearing these bad boys.
and i'm glad to know they are acceptable at work.

April 4, 2012

randoms + winner.

this week past week i've been a lazy blogger.
primarily because i've been spending most of my time outside.
and running a lot, i have this little thing called a marathon to train for.

photos starting at top left
1. maximus the conquistador.  love his 'do.
2. g. love and the special sauce at jackson hole mountain fest.
3. projects we've been working on in the cabin: ski wine racks!
4. been eyeing that canoe.  summer is close. kind of.
5. beautiful flowers all over town.
6. jackson ladies represent elizabeth's hope.

click HERE to see if you are the winner of the Egg Press Giveaway!