May 9, 2013

lotm: nature's treasures.

{from a favorite store of mine, twenty two home.}
want an easy way to make your home more rustic?
just add pine cones!
or any other of mother nature's fine elements.
don't pick the wildflowers though, mmmk?
the rangers won't be happy about that.

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Ruby Girl said...

such a great idea! some other natural decor items are lemons and artichokes. Though I go faux, (which isn't natural at all is it haha!) cuz it lasts longer.

xoxo linds
my style blog :: Ruby Girl

Lena said...

It takes SO much self control for me to NOT pick the wildflowers. SO PRETTY! But I have to say, pine cones are quite a good alternative. :)

whitney said...

can you mail me some to NYC?

kind of serious.

Shannon Hearts said...

Pinecones make the perfect decor! Great idea! Have a great weekend.

A N D Y S T Y L E said...

Nice post! ;)

Gentri said...

Love pinecones! :) I agree w Lena, so hard to not pick them! But I resist. :) They're just so pretty! I claim "wildflowers" as my favorite flower... even though there are a ton of different types. I just love them all. :)