December 9, 2013

it's that time of year.

{beanie c/o stio. photo by ashley merritt}

the temps this last week have been brutal.
i'm talking negative digits that i sometimes find hard to fathom.
my parents live in florida where it can be a full 100 degrees warmer than their poor daughter.
seriously, how do i live here?
truth be told it isn't always this cold....just a few weeks a winter but still tough.
i know i wouldn't be able to survive (literally) without my array of beanies.
thankfully there are so many options out there and weeks like this remind me that you can never have enough.
and the bigger the pom the better in my book.
so my friends, stock up!


Lornas wishing well said...

I love the hat! x

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Oooh I love all these beanies, so many cute options! I really fell in love with wearing one living in Tahoe, because it was actually practical there being it was a ski town/cold all the time, so the beanie totally made sense. Now that I live in Portland, I still see people wearing them all the time, even though here they are just hipsters...ha! But whatever the reason, I love a good beanie because it totally covers a bad hair day :)

Kaysie said...

We just moved to Texas from Florida and I was all "I'm going to wear the same cute sweaters and my long luscious hair will keep my ears warm" and now I am rocking in the corner praying for warmer clothes. Moral of my story is, I will be getting a beanie and a huge jacket and thick gloves and I will care not that I may look part marshmellow. Some girls, you, look so good in a beanie but I have a feeling I will be that person who can't pull it off. Long comment... nice to meet you? :)

Taylor said...

hello friend! looking beautiful in your beanie! love your relaxed mountain look. making me so glad it's winter :)

his little lady said...

Loving all of your beanie picks. Just perfect :)
xo TJ

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