June 2, 2010

Never Never Land

I have been a bona fide local in Neverland for almost 2 years now. Jackson Hole (aka Neverland) is a playground for adults, where no one seems to age, everyone is the town drunk, and sick days are equivalent to powder days. Living in The Grand Tetons has shown me immense beauty and has also totally kicked my ass. I'm jumping on the Blog Bandwagon to share with you my life out West.

Why The Egg? Well, apparently I was bald until I was like....3. Coincidentally, Meag rhymes with egg. My parents found it fitting.

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Catherine E. said...

you're calling me the town drunk. hehe. love you so much and i love this site. now you can share your masterpiece with the world. i cannot wait to add adventure content with you soon. and maybe you could teach me a thing or 10 about web design. my blog needs a facelift. xo