July 15, 2010


i'm beyond pissed.
living in a small mountain town has very few disadvantages.
one of them being our closest "city"- idaho falls, idaho.
i avoid it at all cost, even though they have a target.
think "people of wal-mart"

i bought my beloved audi a4 when i first got my job. fully paid for by moi.
i was told when i bought it that no one in town would touch it if something went wrong.
i learned the hard way that those rumors are true.

my headlights have decided to go out whenever i drive at night.
start car...lights on.
drive car a few miles...lights off.
turn car off while driving....lights back on.
dangerous to say the least and clearly an electrical issue.

anywho, i drove 2 hours to the closest audi dealership (idaho falls) on sunday and dropped my car off with a description of my problem.
sketchiest dealership ever.
since i hadn't heard from them (4 days later), i decided to drop a line in this a.m.
after explaining to me that they did a bunch of other unnecesary work to my car, i was told

dealership: "there ain't no problem with dem lights"
me: "what do you mean? i had two guys in jackson tell me that there is a serious problem and the dealership could fix it"
dealership: "maybe you kin come down here and show us whatchu talkin' bout"
me: "i live two hours away...you are the dealership/service dept. they keep turning on and off at night. can't you figure it out?"
dealership: "impossible"
me: "how is that impossible?"
dealership: "we close at 5 every night. it don't get dark til after we close. we ain't able to tell if dem headlights work or not"

you've got to be kidding me.

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Christina said...

idaho... only good for spuds. sorry, dear.