August 4, 2010


Something awesome just happened. I experienced my first earthquake. Clancy was acting super strange before leaving work today and as I was saying bye to my boss I became extremely light headed...or so I thought. He calmly looked at me and said, "we're in an earthquake." Like, duh, they happen all of the time here. I always hear people talking about earthquakes in the middle of the night but I never wake up. I'm always super bummed I miss them. Wait, is that weird? I guess its bound to happen when you live over a supervolcano.

When National Geographic published their Yellowstone SUPERVOLCANO cover story last year, I had a ton of concerned phone calls and emails requesting that I move far, far away. The jig is up people. If that volcano blows, we're all toast! At my last visit to Old Faithful (supervolcano activity hotspot), a ranger told me that there has been evidence of yellowstone found on the east coast from the last time the supervolcano burst. Meaning: if this puppy blows, the whole continent is gone. Also, an important side note: the supervolcano is overdue for an explosion.
click here to get an interactive look our world's inevitable demise. enjoy!


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