September 24, 2010

b. kincaid

now that the summer is over, i'd like to share something with you that made me laugh all summer long. first of all, you should all know that our little town gets overrun by tourist during the summer season. being only 45 minutes away from yellowstone and next to grand teton national park, it seems like an obvious stop for all of the griswold families of america.
fanny packs. convertible pants. visors. you name it.

i'd say most if not all of those griswolds out there rent RVs to make their way across the west.
99.9% of them chose 1-800-RV4Rent, like the one you see below... decided to make their RVs a little more family friendly this year by adding family vacation photos to the side of all of their RVs.
i counted 6 different "styles" you could choose from. all ridiculously outdated.
the one above was extremely popular...

while roadbiking through grand teton national park earlier this summer, those cute little red heads caught my attention. maybe because of their sweet early 90's outfits?
no....i recognized them for some reason...
i looked a little closer and yes, that little red head above the gas tank was indeed my college buddy brett kincaid.

ofcourse i immediately asked him in the least creepy way possible if he was on the side of 1-800-RV4-Rents.
confirmed! the kincaid sibs were all over america this summer. amazing.

obviously i had to snap some photos with b. kincaid
 hanging with b. and his sibs

little b. cute! (and look at those kicks!)

Seeing this once was comical but seeing this every. single. day. was beyond hilarious.
if i was having a bad day and the kincaid mobile cruised by, i'd immediately laugh and my day was better.
all of my friends knew of the kincaid mobile...they were everywhere
i even saw not a double, but a TRIPLE kincaid sighting while sitting at a red light.

i hope they come back next summer.

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