October 14, 2011

lynze's day!

happiest birthday to one of my bestest pals on earth.
i'd send you a big bottle of champagne but you'd probably get arrested for it in dubai.
absolutely can not wait until you are only a short plane ride away!
you are one of the most amazing gals i know
much love,

{flashback.....sua prom 2003}
i was lucky enough to visit lynze in dubai this spring.  click here to check it out.
from there we traveled to sri lanka.
so happy to have shared the adventure with her!

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Colleen Brynn said...

Yay for lifelong friends! I did a similar-ish post recently! http://colleenbrynntravels.blogspot.ca/2012/09/dirty-knees-diamonds-please.html
I love the now & then shots... so cool when the friends are still friends!