October 18, 2011

wanna know something ironic?

i'm allergic to eggs.

i had my blood drawn a few weeks ago to see what exactly has been pissing my stomach off.
welp, of all the things.....eggs.
along with all dairy products.
boo, no more late night soft serve yogurt sessions for me.

got any egg & dairy free recipes for this gal?  shoot em my way.


Tenley said...

Meagan, I gave up about 90% of dairy products 2 years ago. It's tough at first, but soon enough you don't miss it b/c you discover so many other amazing foods. If you need any ideas for dairy-free desserts to replace your soft-serve...I can suggest some good brands! I'd definitely start with CUTIES [the ice cream sandwiches]---the peanut butter flavor is my favorite.

The Egg said...

Thanks Ten! I think the egg part will be a little harder to recognize then the dairy. It's in everything!