November 25, 2011

black friday {kristin crane}

by now you all know how much i love traveling. (here, here, and here)
so i wanted to give you all a little discount on awesome travel gifts!!!
it IS black friday after all...

{all places i've been: the middle east, costa rica, mexico, and of course....WYOMING!}
kristin from Kristin Crane is offering all the egg readers free shipping 
on everything in her store thru the end of November! click here.
the perfect gifts for your worldly loved ones.
stop by her shop to check out her goods.
the beautifully bound map books would be a fun present for someone heading off on a trip soon.
enter THEEGG as a coupon code at check out.


jill said...

I'm actually going to check this out - we just have to mention your name to get free shipping?

The Egg said...

hi jill! head over to her etsy shop and click on "Apply shop coupon code" and enter THEEGG. Enjoy!!

Belle said...

Omg don't you just love black fridays?!?!?! I haven't seen anything as cute as this for ages and i have a sort of obsession with cute little things like this!!! Your blog is so beautiful, i love it and as of today i am following you. I look forward to your future posts and maybe, if you have the time you could follow me back??

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