November 4, 2011


its november. its cold.
and there is no snow.....yet.
my bosses are off in hawaii and thailand and i'm here holding down the fort.
instead of traveling for this off-season,
i'm heading back home for christmas to see my entire clan
(which is way better than traveling)
but i have the travel BUG.
and i've got it bad....
{cashew, sri lanka}
{tuk tuks}
{pinnawala elephant orphanage.  such a magical place}
{rescued elephants}
{i heart backpacking}

{Team Lanka}
photos from my trip to sri lanka this spring.

have a happy weekend!
i'll be scouring the internet for my next great adventure~


jill said...

These photos are INCREDIBLE. I have the serious travel bug, too, which sucks because I just moved to LA and I have two jobs. Keep up the good work!

x. jill
those ghosts

Kylie said...

travel bug never goes away!

The Egg said...

i'm afraid its stuck with me for life...!

Ballad of Seasons said...

lol images are so nice! (but I won't heart backpacking :)
xo, Betül

Lynze said...

U + me = hiking a mountain.

chanel said...

i want to be on this trip! jealous times ten!

xo chanel

Miss Lindsay said...

Love the elephant shots!!