November 29, 2011

Jackson Hole....IN CHINA?!?

did you know that there is a new resort town in China named "Jackson Hole"?
i know, i'm confused too.  but it's true.
i guess the Chinese want to get their american west fix on too.
so they built a replica.
yet it doesn't look like all.
i hope someone tells them that cowboys only wear red cowboy hats in Toy Story.

"Chinese families no longer have to cross oceans to get their fix of Americana. As the demand for vacation homes in China booms, a quirky market has emerged. Jackson Hole, a cowboy-inspired resort town in the northern province of Hebei, named after the Wyoming vacation mecca, offers around 900 cabins furnished with fireplaces and Western charm. This idyllic town offers a weekend escape from the over-crowded and heavily polluted streets of China's urban neighborhoods. "


Jaclyn said...

that is absolutely hilarious!

Ann Marie said...

oh man! that is pretty AWESOME. and a little creepy. i hope they used plenty of antlers for decor :)