March 8, 2012

huckleberry hot springs.

my favorite place to take visitors when they are in town is huckleberry hot springs.
weather permitted, its an easy hike in grand teton national park.
guests were in town from la so we thought we'd do something mountain-y 
other than skiing.
we all hauled into a bus with our snow shoes and headed up north.
a mama moose and her baby were spotted.
and we stayed until the amoebas in the hot springs started to freak us out.


Shannon said...

That looks SO amazing! I would LOVE to go there.

Gentri said...

I'm coming to visit. And you are taking me there. The end.

Jenna said...

This looks awesome! I've been to the Tetons before but never knew about this. Next time it's an absolute must :)


Miss Sophie said...

Okay, I must use your blog as incentive to my boyfriend for us to move out of Texas to mountain country. I want the fresh air and the hiking and the snow and just everything that comes with it. My mom worked in the Grand Tetons when she as around my age and I've always wanted to visit. Thank you for the post! (last post on the mean reds).

Luis said...

So lucky!

Thanks for your wonderful comment. I can't wait to splurge in New York (when I move there in May). So far, so good!


Luis (my blog!)

Brandi said...

Fun! I've never done that! I'm not really a hot water person (I know- I'm a weirdo), but my husband loves hot springs... and I think I could probably handle it in the winter :)