March 28, 2012

scenes from la.

{venice beachin' it}
{lil brudder}
{oh hey! i heard you face planted today. cool, me too}
{so organic. so trendy}
{sunshine. i like you.}
fun fact: los angeles averages 2 inches of rain per year.
fun fact: every time i've ever been, it rains.
here are a few photos in between the rain drops, mimosas, and friend meet ups.
we surfed at manhattan beach, but i'll spare you the attractive wet suit photos.
(facebook me for more of those gems)
we met up with friends in holly-hood.
shopped on abbot kinney.
drank lots of coffees.
and didn't see any famous people.


JanM ♥ said...

Looks like you had a fine, fine time in LA and I'm glad you did. :)


Elizabeth Huebner said...

Are you using any filters for your photos? XO

Ruthy said...

I am from California and I miss it so much. It looks like you had a great time in L.A. I am going to try to make a trip to Cali sometime this summer. I have to visit some friends and most importantly my parents.

Carina said...

Heart you!! So good to see you and drink mimosas and talk about the bad decisions of yesteryear.

Sally Tharpe Rowles said...


briannelee said...

Love your bag!!!

Nicole Marie said...

really it's rained every time?! wow you must be the rainmaker :)

ps. love love your bag!

Gentri said...

Love these photos and your bag is amaaaaaazing!

Allie Ruth Morris said...

Hahahaha you are funny. I now am obsessed with your blog.
I love Venice! It's always an experience :) And I really really like your bag. Super cute and leathery. I was reading your "about me" page and laughed out loud at your line about how you can tell what type of person a man is by his shoes... my sister says the same thing! It's very true though.

Shannon said...

Looks like such a fun trip. Great pictures!!!

Jaclyn said...

that's it! its time i book a trip to cali! so needing the sun. you look good girl!

Sara said...

Agreed... love the bag as well!!

Kylie said...

ha! this is great. oh venice beach. fun that you were here! i need to buy a surfboard... work in progress. i can't wait to catch some olas.

Kylie said...

oh ps. it's totally rained more than 2 inches here just this year. how weird.

his little Lady said...

love all your little fun facts. the last time i was in LA they were having a flood. INTENSE!!!!
love LA though ;)
xo TJ

sarah said...

You are so precious!!! Love your blog. Xoxo