April 4, 2012

randoms + winner.

this week past week i've been a lazy blogger.
primarily because i've been spending most of my time outside.
and running a lot, i have this little thing called a marathon to train for.

photos starting at top left
1. maximus the conquistador.  love his 'do.
2. g. love and the special sauce at jackson hole mountain fest.
3. projects we've been working on in the cabin: ski wine racks!
4. been eyeing that canoe.  summer is close. kind of.
5. beautiful flowers all over town.
6. jackson ladies represent elizabeth's hope.

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JanM ♥ said...

Pretty pictures!


Padgett Hoke said...

I forgot about your crazy marathon! I have a crazy Ragnar race coming up too - yikes, I think we should be questioning our sanity...

Taylor said...

im a lazy blogger all the time. we don't judge :)

kelsie fennell said...

Newest stalker/follower from Across the Pond. Have a great weekend pretty girl!

Perry O'Malley said...

this blog post brought a smile to my face, thanks for brightening my afternoon Meag :)

amanda said...

oh my gosh! the boo-woo's hair is so silly in that first photo, haha. love it!!