May 25, 2012

nica {part 2: the people}

as you can see nicaraguans are absolutely beautiful!
they are also extremely friendly, very happy,
hardworking, and loved sarah's blonde hair.
it was fun to watch them stare at her in disbelief.
the little boy above was a riot and was telling me i couldn't sit where i was,
hence the finger pointing.

more photos to come from my trip...
until then, enjoy the weekend!


Natasha said...

Your photography is absolutely breathtaking. Nicaragua looks GORGEOUS. Such beautiful, beautiful images!

His Little Lady said...

the people are so beautiful and happy! such amazing photographs!!!
xo TJ

Allie said...

i seriously LOVE that you photographed the locals. that little girl posing, i would have taken her home with me! so cute

Ann Marie said...

great photos! what a fantastic trip!

Cinthya said...

I love the documentary style of photography. The photos are stunning.