July 21, 2012

the gasp.

i flew to naples to surprise my mom for her 60th birthday on thursday. 
of course my camera died right after the big surprise but i was able to capture
i apologize the video is so poorly filmed....i was really excited.
she basically stared at me like i was a ghost for the next 20 minutes....

the next day, i took her to lunch on the beach and BOTH of my brothers surprised her there.
again, more shock.
i was hoping for a scream but that gasp wins in my book.
and i'm thankful for no heart attacks.
later that evening we took her out for cocktails and boom. all of her friends were there!
3 surprises might have been a little too much but i wanted to go all out for her.
the lady deserves the world.  
she's my best friend and simply amazing.

p.s. - her shades are marc by marc jacobs, she's a stylish one.


Robyn said...

how fab-sure she feels blessed to have you organise those surprises

Casey said...

How sweet! I bet she's over the moon to have you with her!

Kerry Rossow said...

How fantastic! What a great surprise!
Kerry at HouseTalkN

Padgett Hoke said...

I LOVE a good surprise, and that was a GOOD one! See you soon - another date is in order very soon!