October 27, 2012

the biggest rookie move.

i have a confession to make.
{deep breaths}
i lost my passport.
i know. i know. i know.
i'm an idiot.
like, biggest rookie travel move, ever.
i hesitated for a few days before deciding to post this but i gotta keep it real over here at the egg.
and since i'm blogging about my adventures, i couldn't leave this minor detail out.

first of all, i took it out to the bars.
dumb. dumb. dumb.
in new york city.
dumb and dumber....the sequel.
do you know how much a us passport goes for these days?

anyways, my anxiety level the next day was through the roof and i immediately panicked as i thought about my entire trip ending right then and there.
all the money i had saved.  all the plans i had made.  all of the places to see.  people to meet.  WINE TO DRINK!
alas, my girlfriends forced me to take many a deep breaths and i was able to get an appointment at a passport agency in connecticut the next day.
"soooo, you were born in ohio, your old passport is from colorado, you now live in wyoming, your parents are in florida, and you lost your passport in nyc while making your way to argentina......and now you are in connecticut?????" says the agent.
"yep.  oh, and not sure if you noticed but my birthday is tomorrow.  just in case you needed to know {eh hem} my birth date."
8 hours and $200 later..... i am again a traveller of the world.


Jessica Gehman said...

I'd say you have beat yourself up enough over this, so I am just going to admit I am shocked it only took 8 hours and $200. And you're on your way. So, could have been worse? (but so happy you got it all straightened out)!

Colleen Brynn said...

That's the worst feeling ever... I lost my passport once too, but under very different circumstances. Perhaps I should blog about that...

Ash said...

aye yi yi... so glad it all worked out in the end..

it usually does (:

but shit girl, even MY anxiety was through the roof reading this!

Brooke said...

Eeekkk! Glad ya got one now!



Anonymous said...

You basically just described my biggest fear!!! I was having heart palpitations over here, like for reals.

I also love your convoluted living/moving situation. That is so totally my life. I have a British Columbia healthcare card, I have an Alberta driver's license and a Northwest Territories plate on my care. That's just the life of an adventurer. I, like you, I would assume, wouldn't have it any other way.

Happy travels!! I'm glad it all worked out in the end. Even if you were dinged 200 bones.

Ruthy said...

I am glad you were able to get everything worked out. So awesome that you travel a lot. I want to travel a lot one day but being in school consumes all my time right now. As soon as I am done I hope to get some travelling done.

Have a wonderful trip and make sure to post a lot of pictures.

Sarah Eliz said...

holy shit... equal parts to losing it, and getting a new one so timely.

cheers and tally-ho!

Faith said...

Oh man, I've lost my passport twice (luckily I only lost it the second time for five months and found it again!). But the FIRST TIME we had to drive two hours to seattle, wait in line for three hours, overypay moneys then drive all the way up to vancouver bc because that's where our flight was going out of! Talk about a looong day.

At least your plans are still going through through :) (and happy birthday!)

Robyn said...

phew-least it is sorted! these things happen.

livlovelaugh said...

i've done that before.... it's ok, but now i'm stuck with a very ugly photo of me on my passport... :(


ifs ands Butts said...

ahhhh oh no!!! Although, I am impressed how seemingly easy you were able to fix the situation. Happy travels :)

Anonymous said...

So sorry you lost your passport! I literally would have freaked as well if this had happened to me. I remember when I went to Italy last winter so much emphasis was put on not letting your eye wander from it because pick pocketers will try to steal it. Glad you were able to get a new one and I hope it doesn't dampen your birthday celebrations!

Elle said...

Oh nooooo what a NIGHTMARE! I am from the UK and was going for a US visa interview in New Zealand... I had the same looks... Glad you have a new one!

Love Elle xo


Tina Byland said...

$200? Yikes. I'd be so sad. I've never lost my passport, but I thought I did when we were in the airport heading to Costa Rica for our honeymoon. I am glad you got a new one so fast!!!! Keep it safe, now!

Margaret said...

I would have been upset about all the stamps I collected from Travel now gone. It just gives you an excuse to go again I guess! Extremely jealous of your upcoming adventures.

Taylor said...

that's literally my worst fear right now living in England! I've known so many people who have lost their passports abroad!
At least you got it sorted now!

Devon said...

It happens. I dropped mine in the airport once and as the security guards were calling out my name "Kathryn Dev-on (when really it's Dev-in Kathryn) you dropped your passport" my mom goes "what an idiot!" So there's that. Then my sister left hers in a train in Paris. Don't feel too bad. I'm glad it worked out!

Anonymous said...

oh man what a pain in the butt!

Stamp in My Passport said...

That is the scariest thing I've heard all day! Like scarier than a Halloween marathon. I'm glad that you got it worked out and can continue with your travels. A few years ago my parents lost my birth certificate, social security card and my passport. Trying to get copies of all of those was a lot of fun. Thankfully I wasn't planning on going out of the country anytime soon.

alongobucco said...

Eek! This happened to me once and my parents were LIVID. Needless to say, I've been very carful since!

The Glossy Life

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! Wait until you get married and the name change mess happens... I'm SO glad you got another! Yay! Safe travels!

Treasure Tromp said...

ouch. :(

Denise Pacurar said...

OMG! You lost your passport? That is so scary!! I'm glad you were able to get it all sorted out int the end! I always wondered what would happen if you lost your passport while traveling, I guess now I know!! :)