February 12, 2013

always a bride$maid.

{all photos by the insanely talented Trent Bailey}

everyone told me this would happen.
"just you wait," they said "all of your friends will get married in the same year."
and so it began on new years eve in new orleans!
my best friend threw the most fabulous NYE wedding.
she had two requirements for our bridesmaid dresses: long and sparkly.
not sure if you've ever shopped for long sparkly gowns but they are a tad pricey.
(especially from a gal who just traveled for 3 months and is in a handful of weddings this year.)
being the smartest/chicest girl i know, the bride suggested we Rent The Runway.

we rented, we danced, we felt like a million bucks.
then we kindly threw those gorgeous gowns in the return envelopes
and tossed them to the hotel concierge to mail off as we stumbled to the airport in the AM.
the color scheme turned out just as the bride had envisioned.
all for around $100, it was the greatest bridesmaid dress idea there ever was.
go on and get yourself a fabulous dress for your next occasion, click here to get started!

- i also rented two dresses for the holidays which were a hit and $75 total.  #score.
- RTR sends you two sizes, just in case.
- i did try on my bridesmaid gown at their showroom in nyc in october, which was really helpful.
- i'm never paying full price for a dress again.
- the end.


Eleanor at Mirror Of My World said...

lovely bridesmaid dresses x

Kristina said...

I love all of your dresses, the colors all work really well together!!


Kristina does the Internets

Chloe Moon said...

I've been a bridesmaid twice and now have 2 more weddings lined up where I will be one. I never thought to rent the dress!! What a great idea!! I won't have the closet space to hold all of these!!

I love the sparkly idea!! You gals all look so pretty!! =)

Ergo - Blog

Sara said...

Seriously the BEST idea! Now what to do with the 9 BM dresses I have....ha!

Lindsay said...

What a fabulous idea! You all looked so gorgeous!

Amanda said...

This might be my favorite ever grouping of bridesmaid dresses! I really need to give RTW a go.

whitney said...

ugh i have 8 weddings this year. i keep trying to promote RTR but it never works.

and you will never, ever wear the dress again. NO MATTER WHAT THEY SAY!!

you look hottttt

Mo (New on U) said...

I LOOOVE rtr. I may have over did it a bit this fall, but I got seriously obsessed. Also, you ladies look fantastic!

but Whitney - my bridesmaids actually wore their dresses BEFORE the wedding even happened, so I think they're wearable again - unless now they just think of them as bridesmaids dresses? I dunno.

Jaclyn said...

stun. ing. megs seriously, stop it. you're putting this poor, swollen pregnant lady to shame:) Ha! What a beautiful wedding! You look amazing....so does the bride:)

Jess {The In-Between} said...

I remembered when you instgrammed those sparkly dresses and I thought they were perfection. Superb idea to rent them, because it only gets worn about once anyway.

Ash said...

what a gorgeous and PERFECT NYE wedding! seriously, rent the runway is the greatest- and i have yet to rent anything form there!

but you can imagine the crazy plans i have dreamt up so i CAN rent something.. glamorous, sequin ball gown... while camping?!?! why the hell not.

The Cyclists Wife said...

Wow! What an amazing idea! Those dresses are gorgeous too.

Brandy Saldana said...

I love the color scheme of the dresses! Perfect! will have to check that site out!


Esme said...

Thanks for the great idea of renting a dress! You guys looked gorgeous! Beautiful wedding!

The Braided Bandit said...

This is such an amazing site to know about it! I love the long sparkly dresses you gals looked gorgeous!
xo Hannah

Robyn said...

gorgeous dresses-great idea!

Trent said...

RTR FTW. Seriously our favorite bridesmaids dresses we've ever photographed. Y'all were so fun to celebrate NYE with in NOLA. Hope you had a blast!

Jane said...

SO GORGEOUS. I love anything sparkly.


Anonymous said...

Whoever came up with Rent the Runway is a genius! I wish I had known about this before I graduated high school (ok it was quite a few years ago now) because I could have rented a much nicer and over the top gown that I could afford on my own. You all look gorgeous and the gowns are phenomenal!


Dee said...

The whole bit...

Sweet blog you have here. I went back through your posts and really enjoyed reading about your adventures.

GingerPeachT said...

Wow I wish my friend would give me more choices for the bridesmaid dress!! That looked like a fabulous wedding and I'm totally wanting to play dress up now haha these are the times I miss prom ha

Kate McComb said...

Hello! Lynze's Mom shared this post on her Facebook and I'm glad I found it! RTR is a great idea for bridesmaid dresses! I've enjoyed skimming your blog.

Miss Chelsea said...

holy gorgeous. And hello, duh, genius idea!

Allie said...

this is probably one of the most gorgeous bridal parties i've ever seen.

Taylor said...

Absolutely lovely. The long and sparkly gowns are soooooooo so so beautiful. I love that idea. You all look so elegant!

Brandi said...

This wedding is GORGEOUS! Love everything about it!

brittany said...

i've never used the site before, but always heard such great reviews on it. nice to see that it was actually a success for you guys... everyone looks beautiful in those dresses! great idea- will have to consider it when i eventually get married ha ha


tiarenie said...

these dresses are GORGEOUS! great idea with renting them!