April 23, 2013

egg life. {the beach wedding edition}

jeff and i flew to naples for my beautiful cousin's wedding this past weekend.
i took 6 photos total and you're lookin' at em.
when i partake in events (i was a lucky bridesmaid) i never ever have time to bring out my camera.
that's okay though because they had an amazing photographer.
p.s. no photos of the bride because they are super blurry and don't do her justice.  apologies.

1. jeff and i at the rehearsal dinner looking super yachty.
for the record, more straight men complimented jeff on how handsome he was than me.
what am i, chopped liver!?
one woman told us we needed to "procreate immediately" and that made me feel a tad bit better about myself....i think.
2. day 2 was a beach party where these flamingo brides scattered the beach.
3. obligatory photo booth photos with my man and a random old phone?
4. obligatory photo booth photos with my cousin and his hot wife. you're welcome mary!
5. me and my brudders and my pretty bridesmaid dress.
6. little bro and jeffers looking sharp.  bow ties are the jam.

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Padgett Hoke said...

you make me smile. and you looked gorgeous!

Meg said...

Oo I love these pics!! Photo booths and bow ties are so wonderful! You're gorgeous. Xo

Kate Sullivan Corpuz said...

Omg, the flamingo bride is too cute!

always, koru kate

Brandi said...

Those photo booth pics are awesome!

sweet harvest moon said...

Looks like fun!