April 11, 2013

lotm: off-season projects

one thing i love about jeff is his handy-man skills.
i can't put together a table with instructions from walmart.
i think we're a good team...i come up with the ideas....he executes.
(aka does all the hard work)
but i mean, he's really good at building stuff.
look at this greenhouse he built in idaho from this past summer, click here.
now that the mountain has closed and off-season is here, i've got a lot of ideas (for jeff...)

but to be fair, i have a serious project for myself.
one that will take lots of time, energy, serious concentration!  
a kitchen garden.
some of you may laugh, but this girl has the worst green thumb in history.
once, i killed all of the plants at our office.
death by drowning. poor things.

anyways, it will look like this and we shall have many of dinner nights with fresh herbs sprinkled throughout my gourmet meals. 
the end.
or i'll just go to the local farmers market.

for more ladies of the mountains gardening ideas:  gentri, lena, kelley, michelle, nicole, and one of the greatest guest bloggers ever/real life friend brandi!


Anonymous said...

That greenhouse is gorgeous! Like holy wow! That boy has talent. Lucky girl!

I also kill everything. The fact that anything grew in our garden last year is a miracle.

Kristina said...

That greenhouse? Wow!!
My herbs fell victim to nasty snails... but I kept fighting against the critters and now the herbs are re-growing :)
Kristina x

Gentri said...

You can do it!! :D

Chloe Moon said...

I have ALWAYS wanted a kitchen garden! I always see them in decor magazines and always lust after them!

But alas I think my cat would eat all the plants. Maybe I need to get a real high shelf w/ direct sunlight out of her lil paw's reach! =)


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing..

aimymichelle said...

that is beautiful! i love it.