May 20, 2013

around my hood.

{fun new bag my friends brought back for me from mexico, thanks ladies! // flowers are in full bloom}

{hunter wellies weather}

{jeff working on the most gorgeous brickmakers table // osker enjoying the ride}
{one of my favorite old cabins down yonder}
{i mean, just look at them!}
{this rusty old truck reminds me of Mater from Cars.  anyone?}
it seems like over night everything in the valley has turned bright green
the flowers have started to sprout and open!
and i sure do love tulips.
osker and i went on a drive this dreary sunday and snapped some photos.
everything looked so bright and beautiful.
the sun will come out tomorrow (literally) and i have a little photo shoot planned.
can't wait to share with y'all what the egg has been up to.


sweet harvest moon said...


Tiffany said...

Those daffodils! Aaah! I love spring! :) Sweet blog!

JanM ♥ said...

Everything looks so pretty!


Lindley Anne said...

these photos make me want to escape to the mountains so badly! very pretty!!!

Kristina said...

The flowers look amazing - and I am in love with the cute cabin and wonderful rusty old car!! Great shots! Kristina

Jess said...

its mater! I love it. your pictures are convincing me that i need to take a drive up to wyoming this summer for a weekend or something like that.
So have you done a post about the best places to stay and affordability?

Nicole Marie said...

so pretty!! and lov eyour black hunters.

Melissa at said...

Such pretty photos! Everything looks so wild and rustic. Love :)

Anonymous said...

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Jessi said...

you sure live in a beautiful place! These photos are so lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Laughing about your post above ;)